To All The Senior Classes

Recently I was cleaning out my garage and ran across some old college and high school yearbooks and memorabilia.  I couldn’t get over the numerous meaningful messages and little hand drawn hearts and smiles.  In those days we would sign each other’s yearbooks on the last day of school, sign posters from our shows and autograph meaningful paraphernalia.  I was reminded of the numerous hopes and wishes for the future.  So many “you’re gonna do so many things” and “remember me when you’re famous”. Genuine and humorous handwritten remarks everywhere.

After we would complete a high school or college show, emotions were extraordinary.  How many cast parties were at one another’s homes because we didn’t want the feelings to end.  We had such affinity for one another and the teachers that believed in us. So much support for our talents, projects and shows at Muse Mantra School of Music & Arts. There was a collective intuition.  We had something of our own that nobody could take away from us.  It was a spirit and pride that we owned and shared between us.

This 2020 year and the pandemic virus stole those final performances from so many of you and your supporters.  In most cases, just before you had a chance to share with anyone.   Nobody cheered for you, nobody wrote a review.  You worked so hard.  You practiced in front of a mirror and one another.  Whether you sang one song, practiced a million notes, wrote a poem, discovered new coding, painted, danced or drilled plays down a field, nobody came to the final show.  It never happened.  But it’s not over by a long shot.

Senior students, you may imagine that there will never be another chance to be this good.  You may feel like the seats in the audience will never be so easily filled or that all your efforts possibly went to the wind.  Those seats and new ones are waiting.  Those teachers and your friends weren’t there for just one last show.  Never forget that this all happened for a much bigger reason. So that you may share your talents, some yet to be discovered, forever.   So many theaters, recital halls, gyms, labs, and stadiums need you.   We are waiting and ready to fill those seats.   Get up, sing, dance, write, drill, experiment and produce.   We will sign the programs, stand and cheer and load the news feeds in return.    We need you and we are so ready to be there.

Chris Orazi, owner C.AS. Music Productions