Millville Goes Live from Town Hall


C.A.S. technicians, Josh Bonanno (standing, left) and Mike Springsteadah testing the system. Photo courtesy of C.A.S. Music Productions.

VINELAND, N.J – Technology: whether you love or you hate it, there is no denying the synergy it brings to Millville occupants and legislature. City residents are jumping on board with a new live-streaming video broadcast system, leading interactive entry to Town Hall meetings through Comcast, Civic Plus, and YouTube.

Those looking to be more involved in the decisions being made in Town Hall meetings have the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and join the conversation in real-time by commenting online.

“Since we launched this new system, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the awareness of our meetings, as well as in participation by area residents,” said Millville Commissioner, Joseph Sooy. “This is because viewers can now share their thoughts, reactions and questions via online posts as the meetings are happening.  We are extremely pleased with the system and with the fact that it is helping more of our residents to be involved in important decisions that affect the life of our city.”

C.A.S. Music Productions, an audio-visual company in Vineland, is responsible for equipping Town Hall with the dynamic system, and bringing the city a little closer together.