Workplace Music Solutions



CAS Music Player

The CAS Music Player is the latest innovation to bring targeted background music to your establishment, expertly selected for your target audience. With regular monthly updates, C.A.S. Music provides balanced, equalized audio that is free from station breaks and ID’s. With our subscription, your overhead music is BMI cleared, so you can provide an enhanced atmosphere for your clientele without any worries. Perfect for restaurants, casinos, banks and any other business that wants a hassle-free overhead music solution.


Overhead & On-Hold Solutions

Our overhead & on-hold music solutions include:

  • Unlimited choices of genre and artists
  • Playlists expertly selected for your market segment
  • Balanced and equalized audio
  • Free from breaks or station ID’s
  • BMI cleared
  • Regularly updated content

Download our workplace music solution pricing here.


Custom Content

Our Custom Content Solutions include:

  • Custom Radio Spots
  • Custom Signage, web ads and TV spots
  • Custom overhead and on-hold messages
    …all created by a prompt and talented creative team.

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CAS Music Player