New EP Release – Squeezy Lounge

  After 10 years of collaborations on each other’s projects, finally Chris Orazi and Jacques Pellarin have produced a new collaborative EP of their own!   SQUEEZY LOUNGE – available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Spotify FEBRUARY 1st!!  Engineered by Josh Bonanno  Mastered by Will Borza Graphic by Lucas Pellarin More releases by Chris Orazi: […]

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chris and dolby

Chris Orazi and Thomas Dolby

Chris chats with recording artist innovator and guest speaker Thomas Dolby at the Ingram Cloud Convention, Phoenix. “Dolby’s presentation and performances were informative, entertaining and very Dolby. He even sat in with the band! Awesome time! Science!!”

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Avenue C in the News

Chris Orazi, local musician and owner of C.A.S. Music Productions released Blink, brand new from Avenue C, on February 14. According to Orazi, Blink was produced to navigate the heart, making a Valentine’s Day release especially fitting. A follow up to Avenue C’s Dream Taxi, Blink features several local and nationally recognized artists including Patrice […]

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I Can See You Premier Performance

Chris Orazi’s Avenue C release “I Can See You” will be part of the Vineland Regional Dance Company’s 35th annual spring concert on Sunday, March 16, 2014, featuring a live dance performance performed by Jenna Dannenberger. Patrice Hawthorne will perform the vocals and Joseph Tamagni is doing the videography. Angela Musto is the Multimedia Art […]

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Advice for New Voice-over Talent

The following list is my Top Ten list for anyone that is new to Voice-Over recording: 1. Know your voice and learn your distance from the microphone. 2. Warm up. Know your vocal exercises. Never drink anything outside of room temperature. 3. Remember, if the session is not yours, then behave accordingly. Keep conversation to […]

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Eddie Brigati of The Rascals

Chris Orazi recently met one of his favorite songwriters, Eddie Brigati. After a fantastic reunion show at The Borgata, Chris met The Rascals member Eddie backstage. When Chris told him that “How Can I Be Sure” is one of the best songs he’s ever known, Eddie humbly said “Our creativity just reaches out and intertwines […]

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